Bacteria Consulting Service

Scientist in protective clothing working in laboratory

Sewage or bacterial contamination of our indoor spaces is often an invisible but very real risk especially after flooding from storms, breakage of sewage pipes, septic tank malfunctions etc. Sewage is a breeding ground for harmful pathogens like E. coli and Streptococcus that can cause severe illnesses in human beings. If you suspect sewage or bacterial contamination, call us immediately. Here is how we can fix the problem:

  • Our qualified and trained professionals will visit the area to evaluate signs of sewage contamination
  • If contamination is confirmed, a proper course of action will be recommended
  • We will give you a comprehensive report on our on-site evaluation, analysis and lab results along with suggestions on the extent of work required.

Bacteria Testing

Initial Bacteria and Sewage Assessment:

This type of evaluation is normally accomplished following a black water sewage episode to see if any signs of sewage bacteria indicators are present. If this is the case, a proper course of action is taken. The start of bacteria/sewage evaluations includes an extensive, customized report summarizing our on-site examination, analysis of laboratory results and suggestions or extent of work necessary.

Post Bacteria/Sewage Remediation Assessment:

The bacteria remediation authentication is completed to decide if remediation work has been successfully finished. A conventional bacteria clearance assessment involves a visual inspection of the job area and dampness content of affected building materials. An example of the surface material is taken and examined to prove the omission of sewage-indicator bacteria prior to consent can be accomplished

Bacteria/Sewage Sampling

Surface (Swab) Sampling:
A surface sample taken from the affected building materials and surface using sterile swabs. The pieces are cultured at the laboratory to decide if any sewage bacteria, including E. coli and Enterococcus, are present or absent.


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