Lead Inspection, Testing & Consulting Service

Lead Inspection, Testing & Consulting

Lead paint testing
If your home or office building was constructed before 1978, it is very likely that a lead-based paint was used. This paint may still be lurking behind fresh layers of paint. Exposure to lead can be very dangerous to humans especially children, so you must take great care to ensure that the paint layers are maintained and there is no peeling, chipping or cracking on the walls.  A surface by surface testing can be conducted with an XRF gun to measure the lead level on the spot. Glazed ceramics may also contain lead and should be tested, regardless of age.

  • Our qualified and trained professionals will visit your property to evaluate the possibility of exposure
  • A surface by surface testing will be conducted to confirm exposure.
  • If required, soil and dust samples will be collected to test for presence of lead
  • A report will be given to you with a detailed description of our observations and test results

Lead risk analysis

If you are contemplating buying a residential or commercial property that was built before 1978, it is advisable to assess the structure for potential lead-related risks. Our risk analysis methods include evaluation of the age, history and condition of the structure, dust wipes, soil sampling, paint sampling etc. Finally, a report will be given to you detailing the results of the analysis, the level of lead abatement/ removal required as well as temporary safety measures to be implemented

Clearance inspections
A clearance inspection is usually done after renovation or repair of a property and before its occupation to ensure that the lead abatement work was completed as per requirements. Here is how we conduct the inspection

  • Our trained professionals will revisit your property to ensure that there are no paint chips, construction debris or settled dust
  • Then dust wipes samples will be taken and sent to the lab for analysis
  • Finally, we will give you a formal report of clearance to occupy the property


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