Mold Inspection and Testing Service Orange County

When you suspect presence of mold
If your home has ever suffered a mold contamination, you will certainly understand how important it is to fix the problem right away! Not only are they unsightly, mold spores can also cause health problems especially in the elderly, children and immune compromised people.
If you suspect mold contamination in your house, call us immediately!

  • Our well-trained and qualified professionals will visit your property to assess the situation and identify possible water leaks and mold growth;
  • Then, they will measure the amount of moisture in the air and in the walls and record the temperature using state-of-the-art devices;
  • If mold presence is suspected, samples will be taken to classify the type and amount of mold;
  • Mold air sampling will be done to determine the types of mold present. These samples are analyzed, identified and measured in a qualified laboratory;
  • After lab analysis, we will give you a full report on our investigation along with lab results and suggestions for the work required.

Environmental Testing

After mold removal and remediation
Once mold removal work is completed in your house by a mold remediation company, we will evaluate the property once again to ensure that mold remediation has been properly completed. The areas where mold was discovered must be closed off from other areas of the house until we test and certify that all mandatory mold removal measures have been taken. This final evaluation includes the following steps:

  • Our professionals will visit the site once again to assess the property.
  • They will re-evaluate affected building areas for dampness
  • Air samples will be taken to ensure that the mold removal work was satisfactory
  • Finally, a clearance report will be given to you with details of our observations, lab results and relevant suggestions

Types of mold sampling

  • Air Sampling: Air sampling is done to assess the type and amount of mold spores in the air;
  • Wall-Cavity Sampling: This is an air sample for a wall cavity, ceiling cavity, or other cavity to check whether mold is growing in secluded areas;
  • Surface Sampling: This type of sampling is done to check mold growth on the surface of building materials to ascertain the form and amount of mold;
  • Bulk Sampling: This is a substantial sample of building materials or items given to a lab for analysis and classification of the type absorption of mold growth.

Mold remediation is executed after all reports have been received and analyzed. The job area should be closed off from other areas that are not affected and/or occupied sections until proper testing or cleanup is completed.

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