Asbestos Inspection and Testing Service

In the past, Asbestos was frequently used for construction owing to its light weight and resistance to fire. Over time, the health hazards of asbestos were discovered, and this resulted in a significant reduction in its usage.


Here is why you should hire us for your asbestos testing requirements:

  • Our trained professionals will visit your property and use state-of-the art equipment to detect asbestos
  • We will take samples from high-risk areas and send them to the lab for testing
  • We will guide you through the entire asbestos testing process
  • Finally, we will provide a report on our observations, lab results and suggestions on abatement work to be undertaken

Give us a call if you need a consultation or advice.

A clearance inspection is usually done after asbestos abatement work to ensure that it completed as per requirements. Here is how we conduct the inspection

  • Our trained professionals will revisit your property to examine the surfaces especially in high-risk areas. Air sampling will be done when required
  • If further work is required, we will provide appropriate suggestions
  • Finally, we will give you a formal report of clearance certifying that asbestos abatement work was successfully completed


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